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Isabell de Hillerin

The German designer Isabell de Hillerin founded her own fashion label in Berlin 2009, after finishing her fashion design studies at the ‘Felicidad Duce’ in Barcelona.
Her design ideas sensitively reflect a personal interpretation of contemporary and sustainable fashion. The combination of clean, innovative cuts and folkloric handmade Romanian and Moldovan materials transmit a position between new design and old tradition.

‘isabell de hillerin’ stands for elegance, structured cuts and details which remind of an old tradition. In recent years the ancient fabrics industry in Romania and Moldovan has been driven to near extinction. To strengthen this traditional artisan industry, her label works with local manufacturers to support the production of handmade materials. Her aim is to push these highly skilled craftsmen by publicising and utilising their cultural skills in a way that hasn´t been done before.

The unique art of weaving and embroidering is hardly practiced nowadays and is falling into oblivion. The manual production is very time- consuming and is not ‘fitting’ to our fast-moving and economically-orientated world. To strengthen this traditional artisanry, Isabell de Hillerin is working with local manufacturers in Romania and Moldova to support the production of handmade materials. The designer tries to raise the importance of the traditional values of the country`s craftsmanship, that has begun to fade out.
The aim is to push these highly skilled craftswomen by implementing their cultural skills in a modern fashion context.